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California Dream Act of 2011

The California Dream Act of 2011, authored by Assembly Member Gil Cedillo (Los Angeles), became law through the passage of two Assembly Bills, AB 130 and AB 131.

AB 130 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria (California Education Code 68130.5(a)) to apply for and receive non-state funded scholarships for public colleges and universities.

AB 131 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive state-funded financial aid such as institutional grants, community college fee waivers, Cal Grant and Chafee Grant.

AB 540 – Access to College for ALL!

AB 540 allows qualified undocumented students to be exempt from paying significantly higher out-of-state tuition at public colleges and universities in California. By making college more affordable, AB 540 has had a significant impact on the lives of many undocumented students who have dreams of attending college.

Students are eligible for the AB 540 exemption if they meet ALL of the following requirements:

·         Attend a California high school for 3 or more years;

·         Graduate from a California high school or receive the equivalent, such as a GED;

·         Submit an affidavit (a written promise) to the California public college or university where they are attending or plan to attend. In this statement students declare that they meet all AB 540 requirements and if they are undocumented, that they have filed an application to adjust their immigration status or will do so as soon as they are eligible to do so.A sample affidavit can be found here. If you are an undocumented student, you are not alone. MALDEF encourages you to pursue your educational aspirations. You CAN go to college! It is more important than ever for undocumented students to take advantage of this valuable educational opportunity

*For more information about the types of financial aid Dream Act students can access, please see our PowerPoint or FAQs. 
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Last Modified on April 29, 2014